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Smashbox Has Collaborated With L.A Artist Jen Stark For a Psychedelic Holidaze Collection

Let’s be honest: holiday makeup collections are not usually the most thrilling launches of the year. More often than not, they’re just the same year-round products, just…packaged together. Fine, but not noteworthy. That’s exactly why we were

How to Pull Off Black Lipstick at Work

Not just for Halloween. The post How to Pull Off Black Lipstick at Work appeared first on theFashionSpot.

Kanye Continues Down the MAGA Route With New Anti-Democrat ‘Blexit’ Tees

As if wearing MAGA hats and having rambling stream-of-consciousness meetings at the White House wasn’t enough, Kanye West has decided to step up his pro-Trump stance by designing a line of apparel encouraging African Americans to leave the Democra

I Cracked the Code to the Perfect Travel Outfit

Well, someone had to do it.

Kristen Bell Used This Disney Fairytale to Teach her Daughters About Consent

People have been poking holes in Disney Princess plot lines for a pretty long time. It’s no secret that the whole Prince-saves-a-Princess thing isn’t exactly, ugh, woke. Which forces us to ask the question: how do we pass our favourite childhood

The Dress Trend That You Can Wear Until You're 100

And maybe even a little bit longer…
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