8 Items You Need to Stay Warm and Look Chic in Your Inevitably Freezing Office

Professional, stylish and cosy in equal measure.

The cold weather makes any outfit all the more difficult to plan, but workwear? It's notoriously difficult to strike the balance between cosy and chic. However, with a bit of advice from yours truly, you really can have it both ways. 

Never again will you be plagued with concerns of looking like the Michelin Man after an excessive layering session. Instead, with a clever take on textures and an emphasis on heat-yielding silhouettes, follow my eight-step wardrobe plan and I promise you'll look polished and stay toasty irregardless of how cold your office becomes. 

Take it from a girl who's perpetually cold—keep scrolling to discover the best winter workwear on offer this season... 

If you're constantly meeting clients on their turf you need to make the right impression from the initial handshake, which will likely be while you’re still sporting your winter coat. A belted style will always looks chic without swamping your frame—plus, they're roomy enough to house any much-needed layers underneath. 
Unless they're of the knitted variety, dresses aren't known for being all that cosy, but that's only because pussybows are overlooked. The bow neckline acts as a built-in scarf that'll help keep you warm— simply stick to longer hemlines and wear with statement tights. 
Sock boots are no longer reserved to ankle lengths; now, they climb up your calf, providing additional heat in the process. Seeing as they fit so close to the leg, it means you can wear them under even the most tapered trousers. 
Instead of button-up styles, look for blouses with high necklines as they'll keep the heat in more effectively while being just as smart. 
It's not hard to imagine why leather trousers have ended up on our list—warmer than any other strides you own, invest in a streamline pair to ensure they don't look too trendy for your workplace. 
No workwear wardrobe would be complete without a blazer, and a camel iteration is the ideal investment. The neutral shade means you can throw it overtop of anything you like and it'll still look polished. Try it and see for yourself. 
Take your knitwear obsession to your pins with a skirt made from the stuff—the thicker the weave, the more chill-resistant it'll be. 
Much like the camel blazer, a grey roll neck is just about one of the most versatile things you can own. In fact, there's not a single thing on this list that it won't go with. Throw in the fact it's one of the warmest things you can wear and it goes way beyond essential status. 

Now your daily wares are taken care of let's sort out your office Christmas party outfit, shall we? 

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