I'm a Minimalist, and These 6 Outfits Are Totally My Jam

Less is more.

With autumn dressing in full swing, you’ll have perhaps already scrolled through pages and pages of new-season drops. However, it can be slightly daunting knowing where to start when your default style errs on the side of classic lines and simple, elegant pieces. This is when it’s wise to turn to a more minimalistic sense of dressing, and I can attest to that. It’s where a love of fashion can meet the reality many of us are faced with: Your bank balance won’t stretch to an entirely different and new look every day.

The key to getting minimalism right is to master the ratio of statement to subtleness. One special piece in your look is enough, and then the rest should be pared-back and easy. For example, if you’re going to do one of this season’s standout suits, style it with a T-shirt and an understated pair of flats.

To save you time, I’ve handpicked some minimalist outfit ideas from my fellow purists to see how they’re keeping things chic for winter 2018. Feast your eyes on these six chic outfit ideas, and then shop away. You can rest assured that these items are like the Duracell bunnies of fashion.

Next up, five outfit ideas to nail this season’s brown trend. (Cue more minimalism…)

Opening Images: @beatrice.gutu

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