21 Chic Secret Santa Gifts We're Really Hoping to Receive

From just £4.

I have a confession to make: I'm one of those people who's already done the bulk of their Christmas shopping. No, I'm not crazy, and, yes, I do have a life. What can I say? It's the mark of a true shopaholic.

Now, you'll likely be wondering how my smug state affects you. Well, seeing as I've already considered all of the present options on offer, I'm in the unique position of being able to filter out all the items undeserving of your attention and, instead, bring forth the gifts truly worth giving. So, let's tackle arguably the most difficult one of them all: the dreaded Secret Santa gift.

This ceramic mug will be appreciated by house-proud pals and coffee fanatics alike.
Give them the gift of good hair.
Extra points for filling it with chocolate coins. 
For the colleague who puts everyone else to shame by taking a packed lunch to the office.
Give this to your boss at your own HR risk.
We can't believe the price of this.
Because who wouldn't want artisan chocolate?
If in doubt, go for the candle. 
This gift will make all the other Secret Santas incredibly jealous.
For those who truly appreciate style.
Designer homeware for less than £15? We'll take one for ourselves while we're at it.
For your friend who deserves some "me" time.
This hand soap will bestow an entire pad with a beautiful Jo Malone scent.
This sunny yellow scarf will lift any Grinch's mood.
Slippers don't come sleeker than this.
So stunning.
For the person who views bar-trolley curation as an art form.
Hand cream never goes amiss—particularly when it's Byredo.
So much present for your pennies.
We're highly tempted to keep these for ourselves.
For the girl you're always borrowing makeup from.

Now you've got your Secret Santa pressie sorted, it's time to start compiling your own Christmas wish list

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