7 Dress-and-Boots Outfits That Look Good Every Single Winter

Come rain or shine.

As soon as there's a sign of winter (even the subtlest one), I'm quick to pull my favourite boots out from hibernation, throw on a floral dress and get outside fast. Over the past week or so, the weather has been perfect for boots, bare legs and wearing a dress sans coat or jacket. So what do last year's over-the-knee boots work best with? How can you wear your trusty white ankle boots best in this last half of 2018? And are Western boots more than a one-season wonder?

A few years ago, the boot market was quite limited: combat boots, black ankle boots and the occasional pair of OTKs were the norm. These days, you have more styles on offer than ever before. Not only are there more boots on offer but there's also an array of new dresses out there. That being said, exciting new outfit formulas are being presented on the streets and on our Instagram feeds. Keep reading to see dress-and-boot outfits that look effortless and current.

Next up, the other winter outfits you can rely on.

This story was published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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