29 Ways to Keep Wearing Your Summer Faves Through Winter

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Give your plaid suit a little edge by working in that band tee you were rocking all summer. Swap sandals for ankle boots and add a shearling coat on top when it gets frigid.

Slip dresses made summer dressing a piece of cake. Wear your slip dress over a white turtleneck and add in slightly slouchy boots FTW.

Your cropped denim jacket can carry into winter if you sport it over a turtleneck. Plaid pants and red pumps (preferably worn with tights) help winterize the look.

Sheer raincoats have proven popular thanks to the runways. Extend the trend into winter by cinching one over a bright turtleneck sweater and dark jeans.

Winterize your favorite electric blue dress by sporting a turtleneck underneath and a belted corduroy blazer on top. Slouchy burgundy boots will keep toes toasty.

Make your distressed jeans winter-friendly with a colorful long-sleeve top, a shearling-lined coat and combat boots. When temps really start to plunge, wear statement-making tights under your denim.

Winter is all about layering, so simply slip a patterned tube top on over a patterned dress. Opaque tights, a trench and suede boots give the look even more texture.

Layer your strapless denim jumpsuit over a white tee and add a thick blazer on top for real winter vibes. Zip-up ankle boots complement the jumpsuit’s zipper accents nicely.

Ganni’s polka dot skirt was a must-have this summer. Give it a cold weather makeover with a patterned sweater, crew socks and white kicks.

Take your most stylish summer dresses into fall by pairing them with jeans. Take the duo straight through winter by sporting a turtleneck sweater up top.

Track pants can survive winter if teamed with a patterned turtleneck and a heavy army green coat. Cap things off with sneakers for extra athleisure impact.

That asymmetrical dress allowed you to show a lot of leg when the weather was warm. Make it work in the cold by slipping on over-the-knee boots over fishnets. You can also get more life out of your classic jean jacket by layering it under a cold weather coat.

There’s no need to pack away your denim micro skirt. Slip it on over red-hot tights and style the combo with a turtleneck in another color and knee-high boots. Match your bag to your tights and top things off with a multicolored furry coat.

Remember how Bella Hadid made wearing your swimsuit as a top a thing? Take the look into winter with a voluminous puffer coat.

Those sheer neon Prada dresses were everywhere this summer and early fall. Place a sweater on top (a Prada one if it’s in your budget) and black pants or leggings underneath tucked into tall boots. Make sure you leave the piece’s back bow untucked.

That shiny skirt won't look out of place if you combine it with a comfy turtleneck sweater and a shearling coat. Add in tights on ice cold days.

Ruching was another big spring/summer trend. Pair your silky top with silky colorful pants and bundle it all up with a fluffy long coat in a different color.

Cropped jeans (especially with frayed hems) were summer staples. Balance them out with shiny ankle boots and a larger-than-life puffer.

Miniskirts can be worn in the cold provided you incorporate black tights and lace-up boots. A ribbed turtleneck and a pale teddy coat make the mini season-appropriate.

Keep your crop top in rotation by teaming it with a patterned midi skirt and a heavy plaid jacket. A faux fur stole and beige boots up the cozy factor.

Sandals can be worn in winter if you slip on socks first. A multicolored teddy coat over a hoodie and jeans will keep you super warm.

Those French girl loafers can also be worn in winter even if they’re a sunny shade. Keep the rest of your look neutral with a furry coat layered over a tan shirt and pale jumpsuit.

You probably loaded up on logo tees this summer. Put your brand loyalty on display straight through the holidays by wearing a hefty winter coat unbuttoned, secured by a crossbody bag. Add in jeans and boots to stay warm.

If your coat is warm enough, you can still sport your go-to sleeveless tee from summer. Try layering a faux fur one on top that you can shrug off your shoulders to flaunt a little arm on occasion. Dark denim and black boots scream winter.

Now that you’ve found your perfect white T-shirt, you’ll want to wear it nonstop. Sport a patterned V-neck sweater on top and tug one side so it sits off your shoulder. Embossed pants and white boots keep the color theme going, while that brown belt adds a little contrast.

The midi skirt was the silhouette of summer. Get your money’s worth by wearing one with a plaid zip-up sweater, a heavy brown coat and black boots.

Wrap up a summery shirtdress with a belted sweater coat. Work in jeans for extra protection from the cold.

Yes, white can be worn after Labor Day. Just slip on a marled sweater over a white blouse with frilly cuffs and white, wide-leg jeans. Finish with a seasonless beaded bag.

Victorian blouses can still make an impression when it’s cold if you let the ruffled collar poke out of a ribbed sweater. A shearling coat, patterned pants and black boots place this firmly in the winter category.

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While we’re always excited to restock our closets with winter-ready goodies, we can’t help but feel a little sad that it means packing away our summer staples. You know, all those tube tops, crop tops, cropped jeans and floaty dresses that have no place in a cold weather wardrobe. Or do they?

According to the street style set, you can wear anything in winter as long as you layer it right. This is where go-tos like turtlenecks, oversized sweaters, colorful tights and shearling coats come in handy. Comfy and cozy socks are also necessities if you’re planning on getting more life out of your strappy sandals.

Here are some layering tips and tricks from the experts that’ll have you sporting those summer pieces all year round.

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The post 29 Ways to Keep Wearing Your Summer Faves Through Winter appeared first on theFashionSpot.

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