How to Create a 5-Piece Capsule Wardrobe Like a True Parisian

We knew those chic girls were onto something?

French-girl style is undeniably fascinating, so with the current trend for decluttering your closet in the air, one compelling concept comes to mind: the five-piece French wardrobe. This is a movement that gained traction in 2014, but it feels especially de rigeur when downsizing, streamlining and making your day-to-day life an altogether more enjoyable affair is of the utmost importance.

The guidelines are simple: First, make sure you have quality basics across all categories of clothing, and eliminate pieces that you don’t wear or love. Buy new staples to fill any gaps you may find—and remember, quality over quantity. Second, limit your new purchases to five non-basic items per season to refresh your look and add personality. Intrigued? Scroll down to find out how you can implement it.

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