No Biggie—I've Just Found Your Best Fitting Jeans to Date

A few fast solutions for denim problems.

Up until four years ago, I'd never worn jeans in my adult life. And while that always shocks some people, I know there are countless others who it'll resonate with. The reason I avoided them for so long was simple: I had no clue which pairs would suit my shape.

As a true size 12 with a 28-inch inseam and relatively big hips in comparison to my small waist, I long assumed that finding a pair would that flatter my frame was an impossible task, so I never tried.

However, after years of wearing skirts and dresses, I decided enough was enough—I was hellbent on hunting down my perfect jeans, and I recruited my friends to help me.

As far as body types go, my friends and I couldn't look more different, so it was unlikely we'd all look good in the same jeans. While we may not have found a magic pair akin to the girls in The Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, we were surprised to find that a few styles did look great on all of us, and they're the pairs you'll find below.

Keep scrolling to see the most flattering jeans you can buy, as modelled by some of our favourite denim-loving influencers.

Unlike skinnies (which can often look spray-on if too tight), straight-cut jeans offer a flattering alternative for every body type. The fact they're still cut close to the body means they'll hone your natural shape, while the streamlined leg will simply smooth over any (likely unjust) insecurities you may harbour.
You might not think it, but high-waisted jeans enhance every figure. For pear and hourglass shapes, they bring the focus back to your waist. Petite and athletic figures will see curves created before their very eyes. Simply choose your favourite trouser cut.
If you're curvy, cropped kick-flares are your denim soulmate. Why? The subtly fluted hem mimics the shape of curves, which goes great lengths to balance out fuller hips and strong thighs. The cropped length is flattering on all leg lengths, as the flash of ankle somehow manages to make your pins appear leaner if you're lacking in inches. This style also works to break up longer limbs, owing to a more proportional look.
Offering a more directional take on straight-cut jeans, it's little wonder wide-leg pairs are the sartorially blessed denim of choice. Not only do they look achingly cool, but as we previously discussed, the wide leg skims over any areas you might lack in confidence in. If you're busty like me, I find a fuller bottom half helps keep my chest perfectly balanced with the rest of my body.
Many people tend to shy away from jeans on the lighter end of the spectrum, but they're actually significantly more flattering than they've previously been given credit for. An off-white, ecru colour acts as a neutral to any outfit making it extremely versatile. Unlike other coloured denim, the fresh hue reflects the light rather than casting shadows on itself, which creates a flawless look. Choose one of the silhouettes we've discussed above and you'll soon find ecru jeans aren't so scary after all.

Now that you've got your dream jeans, it's time to find a jumper to go with

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