Of Course, Princess Diana Has Inspired All of 2018's Top Party Trends

Satin, lace, sequins and diamonds galore.

Countless exhibitions, a plethora of books, and many, many a Who What Wear UK article prove that the world has an infatuation with Princess Diana's iconic style.

From the moment she stepped out into the royal spotlight right up to this very day, all of her looks have been put under the sartorial microscope, but we can't find fault with any. In fact, looking back, it's clear she was one of the most progressive dressers of her time (not to mention lineage).

While we're obsessed with just about every aspect of her wardrobe. Be it off-duty or fabulously fancy, it's Princess Diana's party outfits that truly set our fashion pulses racing. And seeing as the '80s influence on dressing this season is palpable, all of her ensembles still look the 2018 part.

Which is why, ahead of the festive season, we decided to archive our favourite Princess Diana party outfits in one place to serve as inspiration, and as a reminder of what a bonafide babe she was…

Style Notes: We'll be dreaming of sapphire sequins and spaghetti straps tonight. What a way to kick things off, Di.
Style Notes: What's the use in being a princess if you can't dress like one? This icy white creation looks dream-like set against her skin tone.
Style Notes: As if the one-shoulder trend wasn't enough, Diana embraced '80s fashion in all its glory with a ruffled neckline to boot.
Style Notes: Red can be a bold hue to pull off, but it's no match for Diana. See how she's pulled out the gold accent in her dress a coordinating clutch? Masterful.
Style Notes: We don't know what we're more impressed by—her glittering tiara or her wide metallic belt. Yes to the accessories.
Style Notes: Attending the Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom premiere in a blue satin wrap dress. This look is so 2018, we'd gladly wear it to our office Christmas party.
Style Notes: Diana debunks the myth that blondes don't suit yellow.
Style Notes: Looking glam in silver lamé, we could swear we saw this exact dress on Matches last week. Diana was indeed a woman ahead of her time.
Style Notes: This drop pep-hem dress couldn't be more '80s if it tried—and that's precisely why we love it.
Style Notes: The diamond headband is grossly overlooked in the world of bijoux.
Style Notes: The plunging neckline, the bright satin fabric, the crystal closure… This fabulous two-piece has Alessandra Rich written all over it.
Style Notes: Dancing with John Travolta at the White House calls for something suitably swooshy—something we know all too well.
Style Notes: One of Diana's chicest looks to date, this embellished one-shoulder dress is a prime example of timeless style.
Style Notes: This crushed velvet dress needs to be viewed from the back to be fully appreciated. Just look at that string of pearls. 
Style Notes: This dress is nothing short of fabulous—as are the mismatched gloves.
Style Notes: Diana proves that matching your bag to your dress is far from passé. 
Style Notes: No '80s style album would be complete without a nautical-themed dress, but Diana's is easily the most impressive we've seen.
Style Notes: Proving royals needn't adhere to the nude tights rule, Diana receives top marks for her excellent use of colour hosiery. Also, must track down taffeta opera gloves.
Style Notes: This dress wouldn't look out of place on the Oscar de la Renta runway. Divine.
Style Notes: Proving she wears suits just as well as dresses in an elegant, ivory lace two-piece.
Style Notes: Back at it again in floor-length sequins, Diana kept coming back to the trumpet dress silhouette—easily the most flattering style for her figure.
Style Notes: See? We told you trumpet silhouettes look beautiful on her.
Style Notes: Easily one of her strongest party looks, Diana never looks more stylish than when she wears cream embellishment.
Style Notes: The gold buttons give this could-be Emilia Wickstead dress a jaunty feel.
Style Notes: This would arguably become Diana's most iconic look of all time. Designed by Christina Stambolian, the dress was created for Diana three years before it received this outing in 1994. It's been said Diana was concerned it would be too daring. However, it would mark a new age in Diana's illustrious style history.
Style Notes: One-shoulder, off-the-shoulder, halter… Diana knew the power of a sexy neckline.
Style Notes: Proof that little black dresses are anything but boring. Wearing a dress, shoes and bag in the same hue is the simplest way to make it look like you've spent hours working out to wear when, in actual fact, it only took two minutes.
Style Notes: We rarely saw Diana wear purple, but this look proves it pays to change up your colour palette.
Style Notes: That's right—Princess Diana was wearing slip dresses before anyone else. We bow down.
Style Notes: Giving good suit in this double-breasted checked style. Simply switch the top-handle bag for a beaded pouch bag.
Style Notes: Continuing her penchant for embellished minidresses, Diana knows that sometimes less is more when it comes to accessories.
Style Notes: Wearing a beautifully bejewelled minidress, matching accessories and diamonds… Princess Diana's party outfits don't get better than this.

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