Sheet Masks for Your Vagina Are a Thing Now — Yay, 2018!

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“Why stinge on the minge when it’s certainly one of most valuable things we are born with. The last thing the vulva should be is taboo when I’ve celebrated life through these lips and hey on another note have you seen how much I’ve been cycling lately, let’s just say it’s my time to refresh, revive and reconnect with my most prized possession. I moisturise and scrub my face, so why stop there when I’ve got my #twolips skin care with the #blackout infrared activated charcoal mask for the vulva.” – @clairejedrek @clairejedrek has made vulva care a choice. It’s time you did. #TwoLips #TwoLipsSG #blackout #loveyourvulvamore #vulvacare #treatyourself #selfcare #selflove

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Are sheet masks the answer to all our problems? Recent beauty product trends would suggest so. Why else would there be sheet masks for your face, your feet, your hair, your booty and your vagina? Yes, there is now a sheet mask designed for the well-being of your vulva. And as … interesting as the idea sounds, should you go for it?

TWO L(I)PS’ Blackout Activated Charcoal Mask is the world’s first infrared-activated charcoal mask designed to detoxify, moisturize and soothe your vagina. The $20.35 mask is currently sold out, but you can pre-order your mask from the brand’s official website.

Since your vagina can develop some skin issues like acne, discoloration and dry skin, a charcoal mask actually sounds like it could be beneficial. The mask also has soothing chamomile and aloe along with licorice to even out skin tone. But your vagina is self-cleaning and does not exactly need to glow. So is putting a mask on your vulva really productive or even a good idea?

“The vaginal area is a very sensitive area that does change over time,” Dr. Lily Talakoub, a fellow of the American Board of Dermatology, told Allure. “The area is naturally moist and stays damp because of it being covered all day. Moisturizers are normally not recommended because damp areas that stay damp over a long period of time can build yeast and skin infections.”

That doesn’t fare well for Two L(i)ps. But let’s weigh our options.

An Alternative to the Goop Vagina Steam

The mask claims to help any issues your vulva may be facing, like post-Brazilian itchy skin, dryness or even hormonal fluctuations. The mask is all organic and it has definitely made some serious leaps when it comes to the dialogue about vulva care. As much as we love Gwyneth Paltrow, we can’t all get regular vagina facials, so this is a nice alternative.

The Ingredients Check Out

The TWO L(I)PS mask is made with binchotan charcoal, which comes from Ubame oak in Japan’s Wakayama district. It’s infused with a serum made of Indian cress, cornflower, elderberry and chamomile. Aloe vera and ylang ylang soothe skin, while licorice and antioxidant-packed centella asiatica even out skin so it retains luster … if that’s, ya know, your vagina’s thing.

It Feels Good

The mask itself has the usual coolness of a sheet mask. You need to leave it on for 15 minutes and beauty influencers claim that it smells very good. And since it’s organic, there’s probably no harm in treating your lady parts to a masking session.

The Whole Package

The TWO L(I)PS mask is also available in a five-mask package, which comes in a very Instagrammable black box — basically a vulva care package. It comes with a scented candle, tea, a Do Not Disturb door hanger and a vagina care booklet. And to top it off, the brand curated a 15-minute Spotify playlist you can listen to while you have the mask on. It’s billed as not just a product, but an entire experience. And while we’re not totally sold on the necessity of a vagina mask, we can always get behind self-care time.

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The post Sheet Masks for Your Vagina Are a Thing Now — Yay, 2018! appeared first on theFashionSpot.

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