5 Easy Jeans-and-Shoes Pairings I'm Stealing From Celebs

They are so easy to recreate.

At this time of year jeans and boots are basically all I wear, and so getting dressed can be a bit like putting on a uniform. It's a practical and low-effort choice which is why it’s ideal for January, but these outfits can quickly become a little stale. So in search of some new styling ideas I spent some time looking at pictures of my favourite celebrities and came up with 5 easy-to-copy denim outfits I plan on adding to my rotation in 2022.

One thing was clear when looking at my shortlist of images, baggier and looser denim styles are dominating right now, as not one outfit included a skinnier fit. These looks in fact all play with proportions, whether that’s by adding a boxy blazer, an oversized leather bomber, baggy shirt or a maxi coat. You can even go big with the shoes too, with a pair of chunky sole loafers like Hailey Bieber. Sienna Miller and Kendall Jenner however both opted for a sleeker, classic ankle boot to keep full attention on the oversized silhouette of the jeans. Keep scrolling to see the 5 celebrity jeans-and-shoes pairings I love right now. 

Next up, the only looks you need to know for spring summer 2022. 

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