7 Trending Colours H&M Is Backing in a Big Way for 2022

I'm ready to embrace them.

At the risk of sounding like a broken record, how great is H&M right now? The brand has always been one of the biggest high-street hitters, but over the past few seasons, it has surpassed even itself. What makes H&M stand out from other affordable fashion retailers is that it doesn’t merely follow the trends laid out on the runways—it starts them.

It’s this constant ability to surprise and delight us that keeps us coming back to H&M in times where some sartorial inspiration is required. And that’s precisely what we find ourselves in need of at the moment as we enter the winter lull. With the novelty of layering starting to wear thin but the ease of dressing and comfortable warmth of spring still a long way off, it’s easy to lose your way in terms of style. But H&M has the solution, for it is already championing some of the best colour trends for S/S 22 in ways we can start wearing now.

Cleverly, H&M has identified seven trending colours that feel fresh and has used them to inject a new lease of life into its winter product categories—think coats, knitwear, and tailoring. For those of you who are keen to start investing in your springtime pieces, fret not, for more lightweight and seasonally versatile items have also been painted in H&M’s 2022 colour palette.

With everything from the saturated shades seen at the likes of Valentino and Saint Laurent to the more muted shades minimalists are sure to gravitate toward, scroll on to see the seven H&M colours of 2022 to start buying into.

Style Notes: With an orangey undertone that keeps the shock factor at bay, this shade of red is incredibly versatile whilst making a huge impact on the rest of your outfit. 

How great is this coat? 

I’m tempted to invest in the matching cardigan, too. 

A fun layer for your winter ensembles. 

The satin finish makes this dress ideal for everything, from nights out to weddings. 

Style Notes: I know what you’re thinking—white, a trend? Really? It most certainly is, especially when worn as a top-to-toe ecru outfit—just like Lydia has styled here—and when there are so many excellent options to curate said outfit with. 

The lack of lapel and collar makes this blazer feel so directional. 

I’ve had my eye on these trousers for a while. 

So fuzzy. 

No, that price isn’t a typo. 

Style Notes: Green was one of the biggest colour trends on and off the runway, and it should come as no surprise that H&M is nailing every iteration of the color you can possibly think of. My favourite? Those reminiscent of Kermit the Frog. 

An easy, non-committal way to tap into the trend. 

Lift any winter outfit with the addition of a bright beanie. 

PSA: Rugby stripes are going to be huge in 2022. 

Another excellent (and affordable) coat. Bravo, H&M!

Style Notes: A shade that H&M constantly delivers on is greige—a not-to-warm but not-too-cool tone between grey and beige (hence the name), which the brand has perfected over the past few seasons. Truly, nowhere else does it quite so well. 

Doesn’t this look designer? 

H&M really isn’t fooling around when it comes to outerwear. 

No need to size up—this is already perfectly oversized. 

Another day, another H&M trouser suit to swoon over. 

Style Notes: Delicate yellows were a firm fixture on the runways, and H&M is already leaping into action with its offering of buttery tones. Of course, they look expensive worn together, but this colour also works well with rich shades of burgundy, navy and khaki. 

I’m going to need to build more hanging space. 

Split-hems are a microtrend I keep spotting this season. 

Such a fun print. 

Never have a bad hair day again. 

Style Notes: Pink has stuck around on the trend scene for countless seasons, but for 2022, bright Barbie tones are at the forefront once more. Of course, a dress is always a solid option, but I think H&M’s suits and shirting present a cool new way to wear it. 

My willpower is becoming more fragile every scroll.

I’ll wear this with blue jeans and chunky loafers for an elevated take on my everyday uniform. 

It would be rude not to complete the set, wouldn’t it? 

Dresses over trousers always look so cool. 

Style Notes: Although cobalt blues are also coming through this season, H&M has taken the powdery approach with desaturated hues. Personally, I always think they look more expensive, so this is a welcome detour from the rest of the high street, which will likely opt for the runway-approved brights. 

I added this to my wish list the moment I saw it. 

If I didn’t know better, I’d have guessed this was by Bottega Veneta. 

Wear with tights and chunky boots now, then just like the model come summer. 

The ideal accompaniment to Breton stripes and leather blazers. 

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