Streamlining Your Makeup Routine Is Easy (as Long as You Know These 6 Brands)

Nobody does lazy-girl beauty better.

Listen. I know most of us have been in throw-on-and-go mode for the past few years, and that doesn't seem to be changing anytime soon. Although some might miss getting dolled up on the daily, I know there are a select few of us who are actually living our best lives wearing little to no makeup every day—sue us. Doing a full face all the time can be exhausting, so it's actually nice to know that there are brands out there who keep us minimalists top of mind.

Dare I say, minimalist makeup might be full-on trending this year, and it's a movement I'm happy to embrace. If you find yourself nodding in agreement and would like to keep it clean and simple these days, find all the best makeup brands any true minimalist needs in their arsenal below.

It really doesn't get more effortlessly chic than cultivating a Noto Botanics routine. Formulated by beauty-industry veteran Gloria Noto, the brand's products boast plant-based formulas that deliver an air of smooth authenticity. The best part? Noto has both skincare and makeup that are multifunctional and aren't gender-specific.

Milk Makeup is cult-loved for its fun and effective formulas that still work for any minimalist out there. With items like the Sunshine Skin Tint, it'll no longer be an issue to wear your skin tint and SPF separately. Cultivate a simple routine by pairing it with the Blur Stick and Colour Chalk Multi-Use Powder Pigment for some subtle (or not-so-subtle) everyday colour.

Bite Beauty excels at creating both neutral and bold, vibrant shades fueled by nourishing superfood ingredients. Most importantly, its formulas are long-lasting and can be touched up (or switched up) at the drop of a hat. For a quick fix, try the Changemaker Flexible Coverage Power. For a touch of creamy colour on the cheeks (day or night), there's the Daycation Whipped Blush.

It would be incredibly wrong to leave Kosas off of a best-minimalist-makeup list. True story: Kosas and its plant-powered formulas changed the way I saw foundation. The brand's Tinted Face Oil Foundation made me realise I didn't need a heavy or cakey formula to get the coverage and glow that I wanted. Add in a few of the brand's other essentials like the Wet Lip Oil Gloss and 10-Second Eye gel shadow, and you have yourself a quick neutral (or warm) daily look that takes next to no time.

To me, Saie Beauty products just scream, "Tell us you're a glowing goddess without telling us you're a glowing goddess." They're designed to require very little effort on your part but still give your features the extra pop of radiance you're looking for. The ingredients are also vegan and cruelty-free, so you can rest easy knowing your minimalist makeup essentials are made with kindness.

Created by world-famous celebrity makeup artist Gucci Westman, it's needless to say that Westman Atelier products are impressively high-quality. However, unlike heaps of other makeup artist–owned brands, it champions products that are quick, simple and easy to use. They're luxurious in every sense of the word and leave your face looking like it's been at the hands of a makeup artist for hours (when in reality, it only took you two minutes).

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