I Just Know These £50 Mango Shoes Are Going to Sell Out

Trust me—I'm a fashion editor.

If you haven't done so yourself, let it be known that taking photographs of your shoes is hard work, especially when you want to convey how chic they are in real life. I don't know if I've done them justice, but please don't let my photography skills (or lack thereof) distract you from the brilliance that is Mango's Mary-Jane shoes. 

I first spotted the shoes during the winter break. The brand had hit refresh on its on-site offering and began filtering in its new-season wares, and it didn't take me long to realise that the same pair of heels—Mary Janes with a delicate ankle strap, on-trend square toe and slightly angular block heel—had been used in almost all of its new campaign imagery. They bore a striking resemblance to the Prada heels I had long had my eye on, and I frantically clicked my way on to Mango's shoe page. I desperately scoured the rows for the Mary Janes, which, long story short, were nowhere to be seen—yet.

Knowing how prevalent they were on-site and, subsequently, how many others would have also seen them, I knew it would be a race to get them when they did land. I began checking in daily (okay, sometimes twice-daily) to make sure I hadn't missed them, when one morning, there they were! I clicked through excitedly, only to be left disappointed when I discovered my size had already sold out. 

Still, miracles do happen, and, thankfully, Mango has granted us all a second chance at getting our hands on (and feet into) its must-have Mary Janes. I saw they came back in stock at the tail end of last week, snapped them up with next-day shipping, and lo and behold, they're even better in real life (even if my photographs make that hard to believe).

The square toe is quite sharp but feels so "fashion" in the process. The position and thickness of the ankle strap are incredibly and somewhat unexpectedly flattering on the leg. I don't wear miniskirts often, but when I lifted my midi to better look at them, I was surprised to find they didn't make my legs look shorter—something that is easily done given my 5'3" frame. The height of the block heel comes in just under nine centimetres, making it the ideal height for walking in. I opted for a size 5 instead of my usual 4, and I'm glad I did—if you have slightly wide feet, I'd advise you do the same. All this—plus the fact they're made from real leather—for a mere £50? These might be the best shoes I've ever bought—high-street or otherwise.

Scroll on to shop Mango's Mary Jane shoes for yourself. Then proceed on to browse some of my other favourites from Mango's new-season footwear line-up.

From the side. 

From the front. 

The taller the loafer, the better, in my opinion. 

Mango is nailing it where square toes are concerned. 

See what I mean? 

School shoes but make them fashion. 

I love the low-key combination of ecru and tan. 

Such a great colour. 

Platforms are all the rage this season (as are square toes). 

I can already think of four outfits I’d wear these with. Actually, make it five. 

I’ll always have a soft spot for cowboy boots. 

The contrast wooden soles elevate these classic black boots. 

An easy way to tap into the checkerboard trend. 

Even minimalists will appreciate how great these are for high-street shoes. 

The perfect springtime heels. 

Bold but absolutely brilliant. 

I’m prepared to take my loafer obsession to elevated new heights. 

I don’t wear a lot of colour, but these kicks are the ideal way to inject it into my wardrobe. 

Runners are big news on the footwear scene for spring. 

These trainers will last me from now until autumn. 

On paper, black trainers don’t really do it for me, but with cream laces and tan accents, these are gorgeously retro. 

These will blend in seamlessly with my wardrobe. 

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