Is It Just Us, or Is Everyone on Instagram Wearing This Jacket?

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Spotting a single trending buy can sometimes be like looking for a needle in a haystack, and it'll take weeks of running through Instagram with a fine-tooth comb to stumble across a noteworthy style. Other times, however, you need merely glance over your feed to see that a product is really popping off. Well, this has certainly been the case with a certain A/W 21 Totême jacket, and we've honestly lost count of the number of times we've seen it on social. 

Coming in a cosy shearling fabric with leather trim and a metal hook fastening, it's no surprise that a large number of fashion lovers have taken to this versatile buy as the mercury has plummeted. Typically, influencers have been styling theirs with relatively stripped-back outfits—think monochrome denim and cream knits—but we reckon it would look just as good with a pair of print trousers or a brightly-colored blouse. As is often the case with shearling jackets, it doesn't come cheap, so for now, we'll be adding it to our "fantasy outwear" folder. Just need to start saving those pennies…. Scroll down to see how the fashion crowd has been styling theirs, plus shop the jacket. 

The fastenings really make this a one-of-a-kind design. 

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