I Love Retro Style, and These 8 Outfits Really Do It for Me

A throwback bonanza.

Historically, the world of Instagram fashion has been divided into two camps: the beige-clad minimalists whose idea of a dream wardrobe is 100% The Row and the style extroverts who love a good print clash and live by the dictum "more is more." While this division still exists, in recent years, it feels like the boundaries have blurred, and, in part thanks to the revival of retro trends, there has been an increased interest in incorporating print and dramatic silhouettes into our day-to-day basics. The result is an eclectic mix of ensembles that manage to feel nostalgic, fresh and fun all at the same time. 

As a self-confessed vintage-fashion obsessive, I have, of course, been very much on board with this new approach, and after a year of separation from all my most playful wardrobe pieces, I'm ready to go all out. I have been bookmarking outfits like crazy to get my creative juices flowing, and thankfully, there are plenty to choose from.

For the sake of variety, I've tried to include a few subtler options, such as @the_oluwaseun's denim jacket and flared trousers and @jen_wonders's checkerboard blouse, alongside the more overt throwback looks. But you know I've also embraced plenty of paisley print, platforms and flower-power vibes. You're welcome. Scroll down to see and shop the retro-inspired outfits that are bringing joy to my feed this year. 

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