Observation: The Coolest Winter Outfits Involve These 6 Trends

A pattern has emerged.

Some people love the cold; others would prefer to live in perpetual heat. Me? I’m somewhere in the middle in that I like dressing for the cold, but as for being cold? I hate it. That’s why I’m always looking for new and exciting ways to style myself through the winter months. With a few months of the season still ahead of us, I thought a fresh dose of winter outfit inspiration was something we could all do with right about now. So I set off on a quest to find some elevated examples. What I didn’t expect to stumble across were the six trends that just kept cropping up. 

I dove deep into an Instagram hole, scouring the platforms of the most stylish dressers I know. When I came up for air, a handful of very specific winter outfit trends were undeniable in their popularity. From the coat fashion folks are wearing on repeat in 2022 to a playful take on classic checks, these trends are just too in-demand to ignore. Scroll on to see them and to shop my picks for tapping into them. 

Style Notes: When it comes to choosing a winter coat, if you're looking to change things up a bit, turn your attention to herringbone. Black and white in a tiny chevron print, this traditional weave is as everlasting as checks but will give your outerwear collection a point of difference—the sort Instagram dressers can’t get enough of at the moment.

Style Notes: Working out which colour combinations suit one another can be time-sucking, but it seems those in the know are stripping things back to basics. I saw more cream-and-tan outfits than I can count—enough to create their very own gallery. When it looks this chic, I can totally see the appeal. 

Style Notes: I don’t know about you, but I’m getting somewhat fatigued of wearing my jeans on loop, and I have a feeling influencers are, too. Instead, more and more of them are reaching for leather trousers, which, although just as versatile as demin, are so much more “fashion.” 

Style Notes: We’ve already touched on the timeless appeal of checks, but this season, the style set is embracing bold and bright motifs in an attempt to lift their winter ensembles. I’m not one for saturated shades, but in check form, personally, I find them more palatable. 

Style Notes: Of all the boot trends out there, square-toe versions are proving to be a firm favourite in fashion circles. Why? They have the power to give any outfit a cool overhaul, but they’re still versatile enough not to overpower your look. 

Style Notes: Plissé pleats always make a comeback in the warmer months, but for winter, chunky box pleats are reigning supreme and most commonly found in woollen midi skirts. I’ve seen them styled with everything from trainers to heels, knee-high boots to loafers. Tapping perfectly into 2022’s preppy trend, this will be a key buy for the year ahead. And, get this, some of the best options out there are vintage. 

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