6 Rules French Women Always Follow When Styling Wide-Leg Trousers

The tricky trousers get the Parisian treatment.

My quest to dress more French-like took a turn this weekend when I finally bought into the wide-leg trouser trend. I don’t buy trousers often because most of the time, I find them to be too tight across the bum and hips but too loose around the waist. However, after months of admiring the wide-leg trouser trend from afar, I finally found a pair that seemed to fit the bill. The trouble was, when they arrived, I had no idea how to style them.

The knee boots I currently live in made no impact, disappearing under the trouser leg, making them obscure. Although I wasn’t ready to give up just yet, this stumbling block was enough to make me question my purchase. So, as I do in times of sat trial need, I turned to some of my favourite French women to gain insight on the rules they follow when assembling outfits around the wide-leg trouser trend. And, of course, they reassuringly served up a shed-load of inspiration that I can’t wait to try.

Considering how tricky wide-leg trousers can be to style, I thought I’d share some of the best looks with you, so you, too, can embrace the trend with confidence (not to mention Parisian flair). Scroll on to see them and to shop my top picks to re-create each outfit.

Style Notes: One of the main problems I encountered when styling my wide-leg trousers was that I didn’t think to embrace them casually. This, however, is how French women prefer to style theirs—often with trainers and casual accessories, such as baseball caps, which give the polished staple a whole new aesthetic. 

Style Notes: I love the fact that monochrome outfits (looks made up of black-and-white clothes) are trending right now. Mainly because it’s a colour combination that never fails to look premium. It’s particularly useful, then, when it comes to initially styling you’re tentative about—in this case, the wide-leg trouser trend. 

Style Notes: Personally, I’ve never really embraced the oversized-clothes look. I’m curvy and typically wear silhouettes that nip in at the waist. But it’s not lost on me just how chic they can be, so I’ll be taking a leaf out of Aïda’s book by wearing my wide-leg trousers with some oversized outerwear—this COS trench being the perfect accompaniment. 

Style Notes: If you’ve read any of Who What Wear’s stories analysing French style in the past, then you’ll know the knitted cardigan is an integral part of their uniform. It may not seem like the most obvious choice for pairing with wide-leg trousers, but as Anne-Victoire proves, it works. Can we also take a moment to appreciate how she’s mirrored the aqua shade of her cardigan with her deeper teal boots? Gorgeous. 

Style Notes: When I have a night out I’m outfit-prepping for, it’s all too easy to default to dresses and skirts. In the mood for a chance, for my next after-dark outing, I’m prioritising wide-leg trousers, which I’ve noticed French women often reach for when they’re heading out for dinner and/or drinks. A satin pair like Léna’s will keep things suitably glam. 

Style Notes: One of the styling tricks most-favoured by French women has to be wearing one colour top-to-toe. Here, by sticking to a palette of camels and browns, I love how expensive Julia’s outfit looks. Finished with white trainers and a cross-body bag, this ensemble perfectly surmises the effortless aesthetic French women are largely known for. 

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