We Just Got the Scoop on Every Aspect of Alexis Foreman's Beauty Routine

And we advise taking notes.

I’ll admit we beauty journalists are a tough crowd to please on Instagram. The Insta beauty community is flooded with millions of product reviews, conflicting recommendations and more questionable skincare advice than you can shake a stick at. As a result, it’s fair to say that most beauty journalists hold a high standard when it comes to the beauty accounts they choose to follow.

One fashion and beauty content creator who has totally won beauty editors over, however, is Alexis Foreman. Yes, she delivers beautiful and engaging content, but her advice is rooted in truth and experience. Since she is adored by beauty editors, fashion editors and just about anyone who might stumble across her profile, not only do I, as a beauty editor, wholeheartedly admire and agree with Foreman’s expert insights into beauty matters, but I also often find myself fully influenced by her recommendations.

And it’s not just beauty journalists who take inspiration from Foreman but also beauty experts. When I spoke with Redken artist and the owner of Avery Brighton, Katie Avery, late last year to get her predictions for the season’s biggest hair trends, she said, “My newest hair muse is Alexis Foreman. Her curated blonde is what I’m all about.”

From skincare to hair, there’s no doubt that Foreman knows what she’s doing. Taking in advice from all of the beauty experts that her job opens her up to, her product recommendations and tips are truly admirable. So when I found out that Who What Wear UK’s editor in chief, Hannah Almassi, was taking a visit to Brighton to sit down with Foreman for a Best Wardrobes in Britain story (seriously, her wardrobe is just as exquisite as her taste in beauty products), it’s fair to say I was more than a little excited to discover her top beauty tips.

And what she had to say was very insightful. Keep scrolling to discover the beauty products Alexis Foreman swears by. (Warning: Your shopping list could get long.)

When asked about her curated blonde look, Foreman explained, "Often, with my hair colour, I don't like being too blonde—it just doesn't feel right on me. I tend to ask the stylist for a colour that doesn't look obvious. Often, that will include a root smudge and maybe doing the highlights in a clever way so that they are not right up to the root. I usually say that I want it to look like I've been away on holiday with my hair up and caught the sun." As for her favourite hair products, she admits that she usually moves between a couple of brands. "One is Undone by George Northwood haircare. I use the Undamaged range because I have coloured hair. It's a brilliant shampoo and conditioner that smells lovely—like Le Labo Santal 33," she says.

To keep her blonde hair looking fresh and cool-toned, Foreman reveals she uses Redken's Blondage range every other wash. "I wash my hair every three or four days because I have quite a lot of it, and it doesn't get that dirty," she says. 

In order to keep her hair healthy, Foreman also reveals that she uses a hair mask every other wash: "One that I really love is Josh Wood Colour Miracle Mask. It's just great for maintaining colour."

Styling-wise, Foreman is renowned for her effortless, undone and seriously chic mid-length style. "I use Hershesons Almost Everything Cream, which is really great for reducing flyaways, which I have. Sometimes I like to just put it in and section off my natural wave so it looks less like a block and more like texture," she says.

SkinCeuticals C E Ferulic is considered the gold-standard vitamin C serum, and Foreman can't say enough good things about it. "I love SkinCeuticals. I have loved the brand for quite some time, and I have just gone back to using the vitamin C and hyaluronic acid serums. C E Ferulic is amazing. It's probably one of the best vitamin C products out in the market," she says.

"I swear by Augustinus Bader The Rich Cream," says Foreman. And while here at Who What Wear we are also big fans of the brand, we note that it is very expensive. "I think it's worth the money. Sali Hughes recently said it's a product that is worth the money if you don't have to sacrifice anything in order to buy it. If you have to sacrifice buying food, then, of course, it's not worth it," she says.

Facial massage is something that Foreman feels passionately about. "I discovered it and started doing it every morning. It was just a ritual where I could spend five minutes massaging my face and boosting circulation and blood flow. The results are amazing," she says. She says that her tools of choice are usually a gua sha or this facial roller from RéVive, and I have to agree that this particular roller is the best out there. It picks up the muscles as it works for the most relaxing and tension-relieving experience.

When it comes to what products she uses with her morning facial massage, Foreman admits that it's totally dependent on how she's feeling. "If I'm using a moisturiser that is rich enough to aid that kind of movement and prevent dragging the skin, then that's usually fine. Often though, I'll use a couple of drops of face oil and press it in," she says. One of her favourites? This one from Augustinus Bader.

Another facial oil that Foreman swears by for facial massage is this nourishing marula oil from Drunk Elephant.

Next up, Best Wardrobes in Britain: Alexis Foreman.

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