10 Workwear Ideas for When You Wish You Could Hibernate

It can be tricky at the best of times.

Getting workwear right can be tricky at the best of times, let alone when the temperatures are so icy that all you want to wear is your pyjamas. As the weather gets bleaker, we often find our workwear wardrobes become a little drabber, with dark colours and practical (rather than fun) layering. But there are a number of ways you can look smart when you're in hibernation mode.

We have some tricks for softening corporate tailoring and adding personality to your winter basics, including expensive-looking knitwear and experimenting with bold colours. There are certain businesswomen who always provide inspiring workwear ideas, including Head of Fashion Partnerships at Instagram Eva Chen and Moda Operandi founder Lauren Santo Domingo. Keep scrolling to see how they do it.

Style Notes: Make like Tamu McPherson and double up on camel. Everything looks chic in a rich caramel hue. 

Style Notes: Winter outfits can often feel a little clumsy with endless layers, but one way to instantly streamline your look at the same time as making a style statement is to stick to one colour palette head to toe. 

Style Notes: We are all for adventurous accessories and colour in winter, but it's also worth investing in a quality pair of black boots and a black handbag. 

Style Notes: When it's freezing, it can be tempting to reach for your warmest coat and not think about how it goes with your outfit. The best answer here is to opt for a sweeping long coat that goes with anything. A checked tailored coat always looks expensive. 

Style Notes: When it gets too cold to wear your favourite printed dresses, opt for a novelty shirt instead, which can be layered over roll-necks or thermals. 

Style Notes: Don't just add colour to your winter wardrobe with knitwear. The right bright coat can give you a smile just as big as Shiona Turini's. 

Style Notes: Wear a roll-neck underneath your blouses and smarter shirts. Grey or cream knits look particularly smart. 

Style Notes: Knee-high boots provide extra insulation and look smarter than tights with midi-length skirts and dresses.

Style Notes: One of the season's key trends is to wear two of the same jumper, with the second wrapped around your shoulders. This works particularly well with a smart pair of work trousers. 

Style Notes: Teddy bear coats can sometimes feel a little dressing gown–esque, but one way to make them look smarter is to tie a leather belt around the waist. 

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