5 Trends We'll Be Swerving for 2022—and the Ones We'll Wear Instead

Bye, low-rise trousers.

Keeping up with the latest trends is a full-time job (we know—we do it), and sometimes it can be overwhelming deciphering which ones to actually try out. This year, everyone has fully embraced trying out new looks. We've seen G-string dresses, straps thinner than dental floss and the return of low-rise jeans. And some of these trends are ones no one actually asked for (we're looking at you, low-rise jeans), but of course, fashion people have tried them nonetheless. 

As we look to 2022, though, we're thinking of the items that actually deserve a place in our wardrobes for the long haul. Sure, it's great to try out microtrends, but we're turning our attention to timeless, classic pieces. 

So much so the Who What Wear fashion team has thought long and hard about the trends they'll be leaving behind and the ones they'll be wearing instead. Here are the five trends we all agree to swerve next year because, let's face it, floss straps are tricky to pull off if you aren't Alexa Chung and co. 

Editor Emma Spedding says, "As part of the Y2K revival, waistbands are starting to drop lower and lower, but I’m going to resist the low-rise trend and stick with my high rise. I have no desire to experience again the fear of flashing my knickers (or worse, a builder's bum) that I lived through in the 2000s."

Shopping editor Joy Montgomery says, "As boring as it sounds, I've always been quite practical-minded when it comes to accessories. That's not to say I don't demand good design, but anything that gets in the way of functionality is a no-go. Case in point: micro bags. I just can't get on board with a bag that only fits a 50-pence piece in, no matter how cool the brand. I need something that fits my Kindle, a water bottle, a snack and at least five different lip balms. And maybe the kitchen sink. It's big totes all the way for me."

Video content creator Remi Afolabi says, “Although the barely there floss-like straps are coming in strong for 2022, it’s just something I’ll have to swerve for the foreseeable future. I barely show a lot of skin, so sporting a complicated stringy top with straps that mimic floss is going to have to be a no from me. Things also get a little tricky when trying to pull these off with a big bust. However, it’s definitely a trend that I can admire from afar on others rather than try out myself!”

Acting assistant editor Maxine Eggenberger says, "As much as I'd love to embrace it, the trend I'll be keeping bargepole lengths clearly from is micro cardigans. Do I love seeing them on other people? Yes. Do I daydream about wearing one myself? Absolutely. But the reality? I just don't have the confidence to pour my 32Gs into them. If you do, more power to you! I'll just have to settle for living vicariously through your looks." 

Freelance fashion contributor Harriet Davey says, "I've only just got on board with knee-high boots for the first time this year. Although thigh-highs would be the next step, I know I won't be wearing them. Instead, I'll stick to sleek ankle boots that I know will go with everything I own."

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