Arket's New Handbag Could Totally Pass For Designer

It's so expensive-looking.

PSA: I think I might have found the perfect handbag. And no, it’s not from The Row or Chanel, and it isn’t going to cost you your entire mortgage to secure (although, if you saw it on the street we wouldn’t blame you for thinking it might). No— it’s actually high street. From Arket to be exact, which makes sense when you consider the Scandi brand’s track record for producing seriously expensive-looking pieces at the more affordable end of the scale. We’re used to finding amazing clothing there by now, but the new Rigid Leather bag (which comes in two different sizes and six different colours) just took its accessories offering to a whole new level. 

Arket has always done minimalism so well, and this latest bag collection is no exception. It has polished clean lines and is crafted from supple double-bonded leather that’s made with a chrome-free tanning process (much kinder to the planet). There’s no loud logos or cheap looking details— just a chic oversized leather buckle on one side of the handle; and it comes in a handy crossbody size for everyday, as well as a larger tote if you prefer space to carry a laptop and more.

When I first laid eyes on the bag online I could have sworn it was designer, so I went into the store to see if it lived up to expectations IRL. The answer? Yes, it did. Arket has managed to hit that sweet spot, creating a bag that’s utterly desirable for right now but timeless enough to hold its own in your wardrobe for many years to come. It’s one of those styles that will make every outfit look polished no matter which colour you have it in— which, in my opinion, is a key attribute to look out for when investing in a handbag. 

Keep scrolling to see if you agree with me, and shop the new bag below. Some of the colours are already starting to sell out, but we have a hunch this is going to be a hero product which the brand restocks often so keep your eyes peeled...

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