7 Affordable Items to Make All Your Outfits Better in 2022

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There’s nothing like finding a really expensive-looking piece of clothing and discovering it’s actually affordable, is there? As editors we do a lot of scrolling to pull research for our Who What Wear articles, and we’re used to seeing beautiful outfits from influencers and fashion people. But so often they’re made up of seriously high end designer pieces that most of us would probably have to spend a long time saving up for. We’re all for investing in quality over quantity, but when we do come across an amazingly chic outfit that turns out to be from the high street— you can imagine our excitement.  

Jessica wears H&M co-ord.

By now we’ve managed to work out some common threads between these expensive-looking outfits. Whether that’s the brands that pop up the most, or the specific styles the high street seems to be able to do best. So, as we head into 2022 after an expensive month of socialising and gift-buying, we thought what better time to round up the seven best affordable items to look out for that will upgrade your wardrobes without breaking the bank. From classic shirting to minimal knitwear, these are simple pieces that will instantly elevate your 2022 outfits and make them feel polished without the price tag. 

Aida wears Mango coat.

Keep scrolling, then, to see and shop the best elevated high street items to buy for 2022…

We've seen expensive waistcoats and high street waistcoats up close and unlike with most things it's actually very difficult to tell the difference. If you opt for a simple cut in a classic colour with a loose fit, you can nail this 2022 trend for under £100. 

Slouchy bags are already a fashion girl favourite for 2022, and make any outfit look expensive. Because they don't need any flashy logos or features to look good, they're the perfect accessory to buy on the high street. 

There's no need to spend hundreds on shirting when the high street does it so well. For the most premium look opt for crisp oxford shirts in classic colours like white and pale blue. 

Because knitwear is so timeless, it is worth investing in if you have the budget. But if not, search hard enough (in the right places) and you'll find some affordable knits in neutral shades that could easily pass for designer. 

The same applies to knitted dresses— a style that the high street has always done very well. Go simple and understated and you can't go wrong. 

Tweed and boucle style boxy jackets are making a big comeback in 2022, having already been spotted on the most stylish people we know. If you can't afford to shell out for the latest Chanel, don't worry— the high street has so many great premium looking options for spring. 

The high street items that look the most expensive are always simple, minimalist classics. Wide-leg trousers are one of those things, and most affordable brands have excellent versions these days. 

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