The 4 Easy Autumn Trends That Will Instantly Update Your Wardrobe

September style sorted.

All month long, we've been swotting up on our autumn/winter 2018 wardrobe (if you haven't read our full report yet, where have you been?). However, we know that sometimes the sheer quantity of new styles can feel a little unwieldy (Where to start? What pieces will stand the test of time?), so we decided to put our knowledge to good use to bring you the four easy autumn trends that anyone can incorporate into their wardrobes—minimum fuss, maximum impact.

Our top choices fall into two camps. On one side, you have the more distinctive trends, such as animal prints and Western-inspired styles, where one statement piece will suffice. They might seem intimidating at first, but by purchasing a pair of cowboy boots, for example, you can instantly update all your pre-existing pieces in one fell swoop.

At the other end of the spectrum, there are trench coats and autumnal tones, which are ultimately style staples. They might not seem as trend-led, but trust us, they will secure you fashion points in the short-term and willl stand the test of time in the long-term. Scroll down to shop our top trend picks.

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