How to Make Money From the Wardrobe Pieces You Never Wear

It's easier than you think.

So how to sell clothes online? Aside from eBay, specialist fashion resale websites are a relatively new concept. However, because competition has fired up quickly, we're already spoilt for choice. Well, a so-called investment buy can really prove its worth when your taste changes—including those lime-green Prada wedges you only wore once. One woman's gold really is another woman's treasure when it comes to fashion. Chances are there will be someone in a fishing village in Italy (or a mother of two in Kent) who just has to have them.

Frequently editing and stripping back your wardrobe to put items up for resale is a savvy way of funding your next buy. If you want to cash in your Rolex, there are several slick websites out there eager to find you a buyer. You can be as involved or as hands-off as you like. Many offer concierge services where teams come to your home and take the hassle out of listings. There are also more high street–friendly marketplaces, like Vinted, for all those Zara dresses with the tags still intact that you've realised need a better home. Snapping and uploading via the app is strangely addictive.

So if it's time to part ways with old wardrobe friends that you've drifted away from, follow our roundup of the best places to successfully sell your clothes and accessories online.

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