5 Hacks for Looking and Feeling More Confident That Are Supported by Science

Positive moves for a positive day.

Despite commonly held beliefs, plenty of studies have proven that attractiveness doesn't always come down to physical beauty. While we've all experienced moments when someone inexplicably catches our eye from across the room, attractiveness goes beyond having a "perfect" body, a stylish outfit and other superficial attributes. On that note, Insider has outlined several science-backed habits that will increase your self-confidence, which can help you look and feel more attractive. Read on for five proven ways to do just that. 

A rainbow will make everyone around you smile. 
OK, shoes can't buy you happiness - but these are a good place to start. 
We challenge you to not feel a million dollars in this splendid skirt.
Red + killer heels = a great combo.
Stand tall - with your shoulders back - in this ruffled beauty. 
These are good for the sole...
An excuse to invest in a red micro bag. 
There's just something so uplifting about a bold polka dot. 
Unexpected accessories are always the most arresting.
Cold weather won't be something to dread with this on your back. 
Wear with jeans and sashay around everywhere. 
Big hoops will make you instantly feel polished.
Here it is: your Little Red Dress.
Just the ticket to lift plain shirts. 
Try a different blue to give your wardrobe's palette a boost.  Want more inspiration? Discover the most stylish British women to follow on Instagram.

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