The Kind of Handbags You Can Buy With a Cool £30,000 Or More

Break open the piggy bank.

When we wrote recently about the cost of Hermès Birkin bags we could see a huge amount of interest. Many of us are astounded at just how pricey these beautifully crafted pieces can be, but if money was no object, then an expensive arm-candy investment—and they are very often a real investment, accruing value over time—is not a bad way to spend, oh, the same amount as a deposit for a house. Quality craftsmanship, the man power and hours put into production; the divine fabrics, leathers, fastenings and details sourced from across the globe; a history, celebrity association or fashion folklore; notable collaborations and rare runs of styles can all contribute towards a designer bag being worth more than any non-believer would ever be able to imagine. 

From the £50k Chanel minaudière to a £92k tote with cognanc diamonds on the clasp, here are the most extravagant and expensive designer bags on planet fashion.

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