The Capsule Wardrobe Items Fashion Girls Spend Money On

Worth knowing.

When it comes to knowing the kind of items you should actually put some hard-earned cash aside for, we always think it's worth seeing what investments other fashion girls make. If you're the kind of shopper who values cost-per-wear over a faddy fast-fashion fix or you know your personal style mantras inside and out, you'll probably recognise the fact that trusty purchases don't necessarily mean boring ones.

So with the autumn season catching up with us all too fast (when did that long summer abruptly end?), we're looking to those women in the know and watching what they've put at the top of their shopping lists. (Hint: Long-adored British brand Joseph is their source for thoughtful, beautiful pieces to snap up now so that you can be damn pleased with yourself in five years' time.)

Keep scrolling to see the fashion-expert capsule wardrobe we're noticing around London.

Next up, how to craft your lifetime capsule wardrobe from scratch.

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