My Not-So-Capsule Capsule Autumn Wardrobe Looks Like This

I did try to narrow it down…

Cancel your plans, clear your diary and stop spending money on flat whites: Autumn is nearly officially here, and I'm already shopping for it. It's my favourite season, and if you share my enthusiasm, I won't need to explain it. For those of you who wish for the heat wave to go on forever, can I persuade you by the fact that this is the time when you can wear all the best trends without covering them up with a coat or overheating from your styling efforts? It's when bare legs and sandals are an entirely viable and enjoyable combination—you just keep warm with a jumper up top. It's that magical point in the year when jackets come out to play, and we all know nothing is more flattering than a well-tailored blazer. These and many other reasons my so-called capsule wardrobe for autumn is completely not a capsule at all and is just filled with lots of new pieces that I'm way too keen to wear already.

I've kept things concise to a point: There aren't chunky knits and coats in here, for example. That, at this point in time, feels too frustrating because you simply cannot wear them. But everything else in the below list has been curated from what I'm eager to buy ASAP, as well as the new-in desires of my team. Keep reading to see what's on our wish lists for autumn…

It's just suddenly happened: Boilersuits are everywhere and looking very good indeed. Cinch yours at the waist to keep it from drowning you, and don't be afraid to wear one with ultra-glamorous accessories to balance out its utility roots.
You've got enough earrings by now, right? Well, it's just as well because the trending jewellery item du jour is actually a big pendant necklace (or four). Whether you opt for something boho, graphic, artsy or glitzy, you'll be on the money.
I literally don't care if it's tiger, zebra, leopard, snake, croc… And I also don't care if it's a trench, blouse, skirt, dress or any accessory. Just make it animal print and make it happen.
Supersize bags are coming back to the fore once more, but until that trend hits the big time (and our shoulders), we're still more than into the small beaded bags, drawstring fabric pouches and other such ridiculously small and cute bags currently available in our favourite retailers.
I'll personally be ditching jeans and slim-cut trousers in favour of super wide-leg strides this season. Best worn high on the waist (and belted—more on that below) with an equally baggy shirt and heels. Chic.
Jeanne Damas inspires us every day, you know this, but right now it's her cropped, vintage-looking cardigan we're into. They just so happen to be popping up at some key stores like & Other Stories too. Great with jeans and also great with the printed summer dresses you've probably bought this summer.
If you haven't yet got the memo, I'm sorry, but you've not been looking Who What Wear UK enough! Slip skirts are taking over summer 2018, and there's absolutely no reason you can't carry on wearing them well into the year.
Our entire team agrees on one key addition: Our blazer addiction knows no bounds, and we'll be adding to our classic collections with an oversized probably camel-coloured version ASAP. Super with skirts (as pictured here) but also very nice combined with jeans and great belted over some aforementioned baggy trews.
Whether ankle boot or strappy sandal, whatever shoes I want to buy, they all have their heel style in common. Kittens are holding onto the top spot right now.
Meet your NBF: Lightweight layering polo necks look good on their own (especially when they're like this one from M.i.h), but they're also the ideal ticket for layering under all your more whimsical now-no-longer-appropriate summer pieces.
Owning four million printed dresses has its advantages, but we're going to occasionally want a detox day, which involves wearing a super-plain but not super-boring midi dress. Think cotton. Think statement sleeves. Think muted tones. 
Trouser suits: looking awesome since 1970-something. They're still en vogue for this season, so either dig yours out or snap up a new version for autumn. I'll be going with a slightly loose fit and probably checked or in a really autumnal colour.
Hawaiian or plain, cotton or silk, big buttons or handy pockets… There's just something so very right about wearing a boxy menswear-style (or actual men's) shirt right now. I'd accredit this trend—like so so many—to Prada.
Because of the more voluminous silhouettes we've got going on in this gallery, I'd say now is a pretty key time to invest in the kind of belt that goes with everything. Tan leather and a gold buckle will never, ever fail.

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