How I Learned to Give Honest Style Advice and Not Feel Like a Mean Girl

Honesty really is the best policy.

My sister gives me very honest style advice—most of which are too brutal to repeat here. She told me the (now returned) coat I bought two weeks ago looks just like "Dad's old brown dressing gown." Well, she was right, and I'm not mad about it. She'll often use words like "frumpy," "ugly" and "ew, no" to describe the things I show her. She's direct, but she's the one person I can always rely on when I'm looking for a second opinion, and she can instantly tell if something isn't "me". It's my job as a fashion editor to tell people what to buy and how to wear things, but I still struggle with delivering honest fashion advice.

This year, Who What Wear UK launched a Facebook group dedicated to honest style advice called So... Should I Buy This? It's a group of 1700 people who are looking for a second opinion when making a purchase, proving that there certainly is an appetite for honesty in shopping. This group has made me think twice about how I offer opinions.

Obviously, its members aren't going to all have the same thoughts on one dress, but how can you deliver useful advice without offending anyone? Keep reading to find out, as we all know us Brits don't like offending.

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