The One Shoe Style That Makes You Look Wealthier Than You Are

It looks expensive at any budget.

This summer has been marked with some rather, well, “cheap” fashion trends—seashell earrings, beaded bags, and flip-flops to name a few. For autumn, though, expect things to be a little more polished. This is especially true when it comes to shoes. From nouveau pumps to modern strappy sandals to crystal-embellished heels, there are a number of shoe trends on the lineup that are set to elevate any look. There is one that will make you look wealthier than you are. This, my friends, is the mock-croc trend.

Boots are a good way to go, too.
Yep, into them.
If you're into white—like I am—these are for you.
You're gonna want to wear these with jeans.
Classic and forever.
A splash of red never hurts.
Cowboy boots finished in croc? Yes, please.
Loafers in croc? Oh, yeah.
Just look at that heel.
Ankle boots I can get behind.
These look comfy.
For work or a night out.
Yes, please.
A winter staple. 

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