How to Dress If You're Short: 9 Outfit Secrets Petite Girls Swear By

Trends that work when you're vertically challenged.

When you're short, shopping for clothing is a bit of a battle. As someone who's under 5'3", I've regularly found myself in fitting rooms trying on laughably long jeans or jackets that make me look like I've come straight from the '80s (such is the unintentional oversized shoulder). If you're nodding along in empathy, rest assured that I feel your pain. But it doesn't have to be this way.

Style Notes: Keep voluminous layers in check by belting them at the waist. It's also a trick that can create the illusion of longer-looking legs.
Style Notes: The beauty of this look is that it's so simple, and there's just something about pointed-toe shoes that directs the eye down.
Style Notes: While wearing cropped items may seem counterintuitive, the high-waisted, fitted cut and a clever flash of ankle give the impression that Aimee Song is taller than she is.
Style Notes: Anything high-waisted is a must for petite women, whether it's a pair of vinyl trousers, jeans or palazzo pants. The high rise gives the illusion of longer legs by emphasising your waist.
Style Notes: All-black outfits are a go-to for shorter girls. In particular, black boots with trousers help create the illusion of longer legs.
Style Notes: 
Style Notes: Kim Kardashian West is a fan of this trick—she knows a streamlined silhouette is always going to make you appear taller. Bonus: A long coat will instantly make any outfit look smarter. Bonus bonus: Many of the world's midi coats will be long enough to do the trick, so you've got more options to play with.
Style Notes: We saved the most obvious rule for last: of course wearing heels will make you look taller. And if you can't bear high heels? Fear not: Kitten heels are back.
Next, see the eight high-street pieces everyone wants right now, according to Instagram. This piece was originally published at an earlier time and has since been updated.

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