I've Worn Black to a Wedding 3 Times, So Here Are My Dos and Don'ts

Let's solve this once and for all.

Can you wear black to a wedding? In my opinion, it's a yes, but with a few rules and regs and caveats that come along with it. I've personally worn black to three weddings over the past few years, and it isn't caused trouble yet. In fact, the formulas I've come up with have become really trusty, failsafe outfits for those nuptials and events where you really don't have a clue what to wear.

Unlike many other social engagements, weddings can often come with a specific set of guidelines and requests from the happy couple, but a lot of these have changed and evolved over time. Like many etiquette rules surrounding vows, engagements, gifts and more, appropriate wedding-guest attire can often fall into a grey area. And despite many traditional regulations relaxing, this idea of whether black is suitable or not still comes up time and again as a question.

Style Notes: Mismatched accessories and a shoulder-robed jacket make this form-fitting black dress feel less funereal and more fun—perfect for an evening of dancing! 
Style Notes: Sometimes all you need to do is pick a silhouette that feels trend-driven and add gold accessories for a bit of sparkle. This was appropriate for the pretty outdoorsy wedding I went to as it was knitted but backless for a bit of sass.
Style Notes: Country weddings often call for floral dresses, but that works for black floral dresses too. 
You basically are the party in this one.
We're always on the lookout for discounted designer dresses for weddings.
Chic in its simplicity.
Who doesn't enjoy a little '80s beading?
The sleeves, though.
I like the idea of channelling a period drama goth.
Great for a wedding but also cool layered over a roll-neck and worn with boots for work.
Pick out the brights in the print and use those shades for your accessories.
Add a glitzy belt and you're in business.
I'd suggest trying this with some 10-denier tights and heels.
The Parisian choice.
The Rixo girls just keep 'em coming.

Problem solved. You're welcome.

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Opening image: Style Snooper Dan

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