7 Cool Swimwear Trends Popping Off on TikTok Right Now

Viral alert!

If you saw my weekly screen time report, you'd probably assume I have an addiction to TikTok. And you'd be right. Scrolling through my For You Page on the app is one of my favourite pastimes, and today, I'm putting all that research (yes, I'm calling it research) to good use and reporting on the biggest TikTok swimwear trends that are already emerging for summer 2022. The weather may only just be starting to heat up, but the app's most stylish creators are already pulling out their best swimwear looks.

With summer on the brain and the promise of beach and pool days within reach, I've rounded up the top seven swimwear and cover-up trends I've seen bubbling up as of late, and of course, I am providing all the shopping options to get these looks, too. Below, take a look at the best beachwear looks on TikTok—from shimmery fabrics to the ultimate Y2K-inspired styling ideas.

Meet the trend I've dubbed "mermaid" suits for their soft, shimmery, and iridescent tones that beautifully catch the light.

Yep, floss bikinis are back again this year thanks to the new wave of creators who are backing the wraparound trend even more lately, proving that the super-strappy look isn't going anywhere.

Basic bikinis? TikTok doesn't know them. The louder, brighter, and more saturated the shades, the better when it comes to swimwear. Look for eye-catching shades of lime green and fuschia to emulate the vibe.

TikTok has spoken, and according to the creators on the app, *the* swimwear cover-up of summer 2022 is going to be the sarong. It's classic, chic, and, most importantly, very packable for beach vacations.

Lingerie-inspired shapes, especially underwire bikinis, are quickly becoming a new swimwear basic. Not only are they all over my TikTok feed, but their supportive and bra-like shape also makes them super wearable. 

If there's anything TikTok loves, it's a controversial fashion moment, and this summer, that means plenty of high-leg bikinis. More specifically, I'm seeing lots of styling with exposed straps and low rises à la Bella Hadid.

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