These 4 Blazer Trends Are So Good That I Think You Might Want One of Each

Sadly, I can't own them all.

We all say silly things in meetings sometimes. The latest eyebrow-raising comment I made to Team Who What Wear UK was to announce that I could write a story on a "capsule blazer wardrobe." Those three words caused quite a few laughs, as it turns out it's not normal to own more than one or possibly two blazers. However, I own more jackets than I do jeans or shirts, and I can safely say that blazers are what I use to add personality to my usual office or casual outfit.

If you've got past my "capsule blazer wardrobe" comment and want to know what I think that is, then you're in luck. After my coworkers had stopped laughing, our editorial director said, "Okay—you can write it." So keep scrolling for the four jackets that I think everyone needs in their wardrobes.

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