Where I Secretly Shop for Affordable French Fashion Pieces

Bonjour, new clothes!

While that certain je ne sais quoi cannot be bought outright (if only), there are definitely ways to be more French on a daily basis. Our method goes a little like this: 1) Start with the basic French fashion brands every girl should have on speed dial. 2) Look to the chicest Parisian girls to get a refresh on the most important styling tips. 3) Sit outside a café and stare into the distance while sipping from a cup of black coffee, waiting for something existential to happen.

But seriously, there's more to our Gallic goals than this—and we want you to know about a secret, affordable and downright brilliant source that we've started going to for unique French fashion. Meet La Redoute: It' a catalogue, but not as you traditionally know them. While our British catalogue memories are more akin to circling the latest Barbie doll four months before Christmas in the hopes that someone would take note, this is a very cool style hub.

La Redoute not only has some high-quality in-house fashion labels of its own, but it's also known for cherrypicking up-and-coming French talent to collaborate with. A Topshop of the Parisian world, if you will, La Redoute signed up the likes of Jacquemus and Carven way before they were on your radar. It also stocks all of the trusty Parisian go-tos a girl could wish for, from Comptoir des Cotonniers to Suncoo. Without further ado, check out our top picks from the French fashion secret we're ready to share.

So chic we had to look twice.
Cord plus rust plus the must-have trench style equals a winning coat combination. 
Zara isn't the only store with a monopoly on this style…
If you don't already own a slip skirt, this will be the best addition to your wardrobe. 
We'll be carrying this just about everywhere, thank you very much.
Everyone needs at least one cardigan in their life, and this one will go with everything.
They'll go with everything you own. 
It's all in the detail with this one. 
The check dress will be your hero from now until forever. 
Autumnal and utterly wearable.
Guarantee you'll wear these at every opportunity. 
Merci, La Redoute, for bringing this jacket to our attention.
Say oui, to a classic trench.
Tie a printed scarf around the handle for extra interest.
We found where the wild things are.
A leopard dress is an easy win.
A perfect transitional treat.  For more savvy affordable pieces, see what the nine pieces you need to see (and shop) right now.  Opening Image: The Style Stalker. This story was published as an earlier time and has since been updated.

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