The Teen Outfits 3 Fashion Editors Never Want to Revisit


Hindsight is a wonderful thing. Whether it's relationships or career moves, reflecting on past decisions can be at times both an amusing and painful process. But nothing says, "Why the hell did I do that?" quite like the Ghosts of Fashion's Past. We all have a back catalogue of cringe-worthy outfits, most of which seem to cluster around our teens (aka the most sartorially awkward years of our lives). With the '90s making a comeback this season, our minds keep drifting back to the wardrobes of our younger selves.

So in the name of fashion, we decided to mine our Facebook profiles and plunder our parents' photo albums to discover just how far we've come since our school days. Unsurprisingly, the results were not pretty, and there were plenty of ill-fitting fabrics, dodgy haircuts and questionable accessories.

However, the process also showed us how far we've come in settling our style identities. We now know which shapes and colours suit us and, of course, which outfits we should never ever wear again. There were also a few good ones in the mix, though. Alongside the horrible getups, we've each chosen an outfit we would happily replicate for 2018—just with a few tweaks here and there. Scroll down to witness the highs and lows (read: mostly lows) of our teen wardrobes. Enjoy.

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