I Cracked the Code to the Perfect Travel Outfit

Well, someone had to do it.

The elusive "perfect travel outfit" is something we've discussed, debated and broken down quite a bit before. What does an effortless yet polished and, above all else, comfy travel outfit really look like, and why does it seem nearly impossible to accomplish? Non-stretch, high-rise jeans are out of the question, no matter how long you're travelling for. On the other hand, it's my opinion that wearing straight-up leggings isn't the most stylish option, though I'll admit it may be the comfiest.

After countless flights and thousands of miles flown, I think I've finally found the answer to the travel outfit conundrum: knit sets. The matching sweater-and-trousers sets just might be the stylish solution to all those times you wore sweatpants but ended up feeling less than put-together upon arrival. With so many fun, colourful sets to choose from right now, there's no reason not to feel ultra-comfy whether or not you're travelling (they make pretty great loungewear, too). We love them styled with simple white sneakers and a few dainty jewellery staples. From rainbow stripes to cheery colours and clean neutrals, shop the coolest knit sets below.

An instant mood-booster.
PSA: Bella Hadid's worn these.
These ruffle sleeves, though.
The prettiest track pants maybe ever.
This looks like the coziest sweater in the world.
Wear these alone with a T-shirt, too.
This rust color is perfect for right now.
Choose a cropped hem for warmer days.
Think of all the layering possibilities with this top!
Yes to waist ruffles.
Zara knows.
Look closely—these are subtly metallic.
We'd also wear this top with jeans.
Fun prints for the win.

Now you're all set to look stylish en route to your next destination.

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