Anna Wintour Says This Trend Has "Simply Gone Out the Window"

Here's what's replacing it.

From her coveted front-row spot, Anna Wintour has the best view of every major collection that comes down the catwalk. That's why when she doles out her thoughts on the latest trends, you can bet we're all ears. In a new video for Vogue, Wintour reveals the trend that's out for 2019—and what's replacing it.

"The idea of anything that's overly sexy, overly clinging, or overly look-at-me has simply gone out the window," Wintour says in the video. "And then it was interesting to see a young designer like Paul Andrew—who I think has been at Ferragamo for about a year now—also embrace the aesthetic that Riccardo Tisci took at Burberry, which was very much an ode to a grown-up woman who has a career, goes to the office, goes to work, but is not looking for 'look at me' clothes. They want something that is much more refined."

So there you have it: Wintour says that sexy, over-the-top clothes are out and grown-up, sophisticated pieces will be in for 2019. Scroll down to watch Wintour's full review of the Milan shows and shop the refined trend she endorses. 

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