This Is How I Avoid Looking the Same as Everyone Else on Instagram

Tips from the experts.

You don't have to scroll far on Who What Wear's homepage to realise we consider Instagram an invaluable treasure trove of inspiration. Thanks to the platform, anyone can have their say when it comes to the latest trends, and in turn, this has allowed a wealth of new voices a chance to be heard. It has also given up-and-coming brands a boost and an opportunity to breach the mainstream, as they're now able to communicate directly to their customers and build a cult following. Yes, we could still offer hundreds of developments we'd want in an ideal Insta world, but you can't deny that the app has democratised fashion.

We are, however, not blind to social media's limitations, and one thing I've noticed since working at Who What Wear UK is the difficulty that comes with taking inspiration from Instagram. It seems that nowadays it's quite easy to end up dressing like everyone else. There's nothing wrong with buying the latest It item after seeing it on someone's profile, but it's much more satisfying and exciting when we can all bring something different to the table. I decided to ask five people who work in the fashion industry how they personally navigate this issue. Scroll down to see what they said.

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