I Would Never Buy Cheap Versions of These Accessories

Cost-per-wear potential is real.

There are loads of items you can get away with buying on the cheap. For example, a £40 pair of espadrilles is no more resistant to being beaten up during one summer's wear than a £400 pair is. The same goes for a Breton top—no one will ever really know whether yours is from an expensive French brand or your local Topshop. Similarly, basket bags, statement earrings, sunglasses (so long as they're UVA/UVB compliant) and other short-lived accessory trends are best to buy on the high street. Sure, higher price tags will guarantee better quality and promote a more conscious shopping approach (very important), but I believe there are certain items that are more worthy of your cash/credit/soul because they really do last, fit better, feel better and never go out of fashion.

In my twenties, it wouldn't have bothered me, but now that I've seen enough fast-fashion items end up in charity shops, I've realised that buying quality accessories isn't just a myth fashion people peddle—it really makes a difference to one's forever closet. Clothing trends can be slightly more transient, but a decent add-on tends to offer unparalleled longevity. So keep reading to see the accessories I'd suggest you never scrimp on and the versions for each that are best in class for 2018.

These beauties have a foldable heel so you can wear them as mules, too.

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