J'adore! These French Shoes Are Back in Fashion, and I'm Thrilled

Chanel, Mango, Prada, Topshop… everyone's at it.

I have this recurring dream where I'm twirling around the streets of Paris at twilight, wearing a tulle Dior dress and sporting a beret in the deepest shade of noir, all the while carrying a baguette in the crook of my arm. Of course, you can't twirl effectively in spindly stilettos, so my footwear of choice is another French-girl staple: ballet flats.

Naturally, I wake to discover I'm not in Paris, that the Dior dress was merely on subconscious loan and, to my dismay, there's not a baguette ready to be devoured. However, much like Cinderella, I do have a pair of ballet flats that help me live out my Parisian fantasy in real life.

If you're like me, you'll find any opportunity to wear these. I'm already considering investing in a back-up pair for when I enviably wear them down.
If authenticity is what you seek, look no further than It girl–approved brand Ballertte. Made in Italy using traditional techniques, they'll certainly stand the test of time.
Because what would a French shoe roundup be without Chanel? Just look at those branded block heels.
Inject a dose of colour into your outfit with one of Anna Baiguera's designs. There's hot pink and cobalt to choose from, too, but these emerald beauties are by far our favourite.
The faux-ponyskin texture makes these high-street shoes look super premium.
Try clashing these blue suede ballerinas with tan corduroy trousers.
If we can't tempt you away from you high heels, turn your attention to these crimson shoes from Arket.
Mock-croc shoes are huge for autumn/winter 2018, meaning these ballerina flats tick off two trends in one.
The slightly pointed toe on these ballerinas will subtly elongate your legs. 
Metallic shoes make any outfit look 10/10. Wear with ripped jeans to strike the perfect high-low balance. 
Another day, another leopard print piece to obsess over…
Probably the best £12 you'll ever spend. Did we mention they also come in beige?

Can't get enough of all things French? Acquaint yourself with the French-born brands every girl should have on her radar.

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