No One Except the Royals Would Wear These Outfits to Play Sports

How to #TrainLikeARoyal.

To some of us, a “fancy” gym outfit is a Lululemon sports bra or a pair of Sweaty Betty almost-£100 leggings—but not for the royal family. In fact, some of them play cricket in stilettos and throw rugby balls in Chanel. A royal tour always involves at least one run around a cricket, hockey or football pitch, however, the royals tend to sprint in their suiting rather than change into leggings. Which makes for a rather hilarious archive of “royals playing sports” pictures.

The Duchess of Cambridge has played cricket in black stilettos and a red pencil skirt suit, hockey in three-inch knee-high boots, rugby in Chanel tweed and taken part in a netball game in a tailored blazer and wedges. There are more pictures of her playing sport in heels than trainers. The Duchess of Sussex is already learning how to #TrainLikeARoyal, as earlier this year, she played netball in an Oscar de la Renta blouse, Altuzarra trousers and spindly stilettos. Princess Diana might have worn cycling shorts and sweatshirts to the gym, but there are lots of pictures of her running in her finest skirts and throwing balls in heels. Keep scrolling for our favourite looks in the “royal sports kit” bag.

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