Your Complete Guide to the Shoes That Look Perfect With Midi Dresses

There are some rules, you know.

If someone had told me a few years ago that midi dresses would be my go-to style in my 20s, I would have been shocked. They always had an old-fashioned, slightly frumpy style connotation in my mind, but getting it right in 2018 is all down to the choice of shoes. Thankfully we have lots of ideas for which shoes to wear with our midis thanks to the street style set. We had the Attico girls dressing up their midis with satin mules whilst the Madga Butrym girls were moving onto heavy duty cowboy boots. We also saw chunky Joseph knit dresses and winter florals paired with knee-high boots. The key to getting the look right is the amount of skin showing—it's either all skin or none at all. Keep reading for a master class in how to pair midi dresses with shoes.

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