4 Tights-and-Shoes Pairings That Will Carry You Through to Next Year

Stay warm in style.

Cold weather months call for tights. Though some brave the winter climate with bare legs, most of us prefer to cover up with that extra layer to save our skin from the blistering cold. After all, tights can add a lot to your ensemble and even help make the outfit. Use the excuse to protect your gams as an opportunity to upgrade your outfit. The only challenge that comes with wearing tights—those dreaded runs aside—is determining which shoes are best to pair with them.

While there do exist some strict Vogue-enforced fashion faux pas when it comes to pairing shoes with tights, oftentimes the lines between good and bad are a bit more blurred. To help streamline your shoe stylings this tights season, we've rounded up four shoes-and-tights pairings we love seeing and provided examples of our favourite street style looks demonstrating exacting what goes with what.

See the best shoes and tights combos below as well as our top picks to shop in each category.

Style Notes: There's something about the anarchic history of fishnet tights that lends itself so well to a pair of chunky boots. This street styler has opted for Chelsea boots, which look great with an elegant camel coat.
Style Notes: If you're wanting something with a bit of heel, try a pair of chunky lace-up boots, as seen on this cool show-goer. We also think this outfit would look just as good with a midi skirt.
Style Notes: Sheer tights are a wardrobe staple, but this model proves they are anything but boring. A pair of denier 40s are perfect if you're feeling a bit nervous about wearing knee-high boots with a mini as they soften the contrast between skin and shoe.
Style Notes: Clearly blazer-and-boots are having a moment. This blogger has cleverly belted her Blaze Milano checked blazer and layered it over a contrasting polo-neck top to balance out her kinky boot below. 
Style Notes: Coloured tights are not a look for the faint-hearted—we say, if you're going to go for it, really go for it. We know socks and sandals is an old fashioned fashion faux pas, however somehow it works with bold tights. Case in point: this blogger makes a pink tights pop with a pair of spangly silver sandals. 
Style Notes: Another great example of tights being used as a focal point in an outfit. The red and blue create such a satisfying colour clash (in a good way, of course). 
Style Notes: Patterned tights are probably the hardest to pull off out of all the styles. Make the most of their playful aesthetic and mix it up with chunky trainers and ladylike separates, as seen on the street styler on the right.
Style Notes: Fashion editor Giovanna Battaglia aces the print clash with a pair of brown leopard print tights and tartan skirt. A pair of black platform sandals lets the look speak for itself. 

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