Why Mid-Size Fashion Is One of Instagram's Fastest Growing Trends

But what actually is it?

The word "inclusive" is one that many brands are keen to list as an essential part of their identity in 2018. However, despite efforts to be more size diverse, the industry still often ignores a group of consumers altogether.

We all know what sample-sized and plus-sized figures look like, however, less would know what is actually regarded as "mid-sized." The term includes people who wear sizes 10 to 18, and considering the average dress size in the UK is a 16, millions of people would (and could) actually identify as mid-sized—they just might not know it yet.

Anushka Moore launched the MidSize Collective in July out of frustration that she could only find a handful of influencers that were a size 14 like her. She started the Instagram account as a way to house the outfit pictures of mid-sized influencers she did manage to discover, and it has since turned into a powerful community for women to talk about sizing. In just three months, the account has amassed 13,500 followers, and the hashtag #midsizestyle has been used over 8000 times. "We got 3000 followers overnight," Moore explains. "It was slim pickings at first to find influencers for the account, but the response has been so positive and so huge."

Anushka Moore, the founder of the MidSize Collective.

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