I Just Found the First Pair of Shoes That I Haven't Had to Break In

They're the "most comfortable trainers" in the world.

There is an endless stream of coffee places, bagel shops and pizza places that claim to be the
"best in the world," however, this self-appointed title is usually quite the stretch. So when I got an email claiming that a pair of new trainers were the "most comfortable in the world," I thought it was certainly going to be a similarly empty claim.

My feet are like tissue paper in the sense that it takes me weeks to break in any shoes (I have got blisters from sheepskin slippers before). Also, my feet are always covered in strategically placed Compeeds. I decided to wear Allbird's Wool Runners for two days with no socks on, which, normally, would be a reckless decision resulting in quite gruesome blisters.

These are the first pair of shoes that I—in my 29 years of life—haven't had to break in. They feel like clouds. Allbirds is so confident in its comfort claim that if you wear the shoes for 30 days and don't love them, you can get your money back. These are in every way practical shoes, as they are minimal and have no obvious logos. They are perfect chuck-on shoes for commuting or running errands and are never going to be something you'll see in hundreds of shoefies.

All Bird Women's Wool Runners (£95). 

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