Is Nicolas Ghesquière Finally Launching His Own Label?

After all these years, is it time for Nicolas Ghesquière to launch his own label? The post Is Nicolas Ghesquière Finally Launching His Own Label? appeared first on theFashionSpot.

Nicolas Ghesquière

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Rumors of Nicolas Ghesquière launching an eponymous label have been circling for years. Back in 2014, he told The Wall Street Journal, “I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to do it.” At the time, he had just been appointed the creative director of Louis Vuitton and stressed that he wanted to focus on the brand first, saying, “I would like to do it, but each thing in its time. Today I dedicate myself to Louis Vuitton without forgetting that I have wishes, desires.”

The idea came up again in 2016 in an interview with French talk show Le Petit Journal where he said he could handle his own brand while still being the creative director of Louis Vuitton. Four years later and he may finally be ready to make his dreams a reality.

On October 23, Ghesquière and creative director at large of Vogue, Grace Coddington, spoke at the Metropolitan Museum of Art about the collaboration between Coddington and Louis Vuitton. When the press inquired about Ghesquière’s plan to make his own label, he replied, “It’s true I have many more things to say at Vuitton—and they have many more things to ask me to say, obviously, so we have this idea to commit again for five more years. We did an announcement, which is quite unusual, to say there is stability, there is happiness, and voilà. The story is great so we want to celebrate this announcement. That means also I have more possibilities, absolutely, and one of these possibilities is to create my own name. So stay tuned.”

Ghesquière just signed a five-year contract with Louis Vuitton so there is no worry of him leaving. He’s keeping us in suspense for now, but we’re sure a Nicolas Ghesquière collection will be worth the wait. In the meantime, check out his latest collection for Louis Vuitton Spring 2019 below.

Louis Vuitton Spring 2019

Louis Vuitton Spring 2019

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The post Is Nicolas Ghesquière Finally Launching His Own Label? appeared first on theFashionSpot.

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