The Clever Thongs, Waist-Nippers, Tights and Shapewear Celebs Actually Wear

Officially the best in the business.

From some of Rihanna’s and Kim Kardashian West’s most iconic outfits to cementing London’s best dressed It-girl scene, super stylist and creative director Avigail Collins is known in fashion circles for being the go-to when you’re a celebrity looking to craft an exciting new look. She’s the mastermind behind ingenious ensembles for Lorde and is the force behind some of Daisy Lowe's sassiest getups, but Avigail’s wardrobing skills extend even further: See her own streetwear-inspired line, Silver Spoon Attire, for starters. Founded in 2013, alongside her husband (and fellow sought-after stylist) Damian Collins, her high-profile music clients—and a global street style following—make up a pretty impressive fan club. If anyone can spot the next big thing, it’s Avigail, which is why we’re thrilled to have her on board at Who What Wear UK to bring you a monthly column about what's hot now.

This month, I'm bringing my years of experience in making clothes and outfits look camera-ready to tell you about the best shapewear pieces. Before you think shapewear is all about just looking slimmer, think again. These clever lingerie underpinnings can do all sorts of things, including make see-through fabrics look modest, stop jersey dresses from pulling or sagging in the wrong places, help you navigate that dress that can't be worn with a normal, VPL-inducing pair of knickers and so on. I've discovered a few winning pieces from different underwear specialists that cover all the bases—and they are worth investing in. Not only do they make you feel more pulled-together, but you'll also be able to find extra uses for them when any big event comes around. Keep reading to see the best shapewear pieces I'd recommend.
A massive trick I learnt from working with dancers is to wear Capezio tights, as they are like spanks for your legs—it's amazing. They also are very long-lasting, as they are made for dancers, so they're extremely ladder-resistant, they are thicker than normal tights, but they don't look it, and they hold you in. They're a staple piece when Beyoncé's performing on stage.
You'll get to wear these so many times. 
These also come in 10 other skin tone shades. 
Personally, I prefer Wacoal to Spanx—they have a much smoother feel and, for me, they seem more comfortable. These long leg shapers are perfect for hiding knicker lines, plus they don't dig into your bum all night.
For your LBD. 
Whether you're worried about a bloated stomach or simply want to make sure that satin or sequin dress sits right (those fabrics can be unforgiving even on waifs) this waist-nipper is the best of the best.
Nude works just as well. 
The invisible stick-on thong is an essential in my styling kit: It's perfect to wear under silky slip dresses or skin-tight numbers.
For your bust when you want seam-free support.  Next up, see my tips on getting the velvet trend right.

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