5 Places Where You Can Try on All the Instagram Cult Pieces in Real Life

And they're not on the high street.

In a post-digital world, we've somehow come full circle to the point where brick-and-mortar stores are opening again rather than closing. In some cases, they're bringing some of our digital-native brands to life and giving them a home for passersby who may not be Instagram addicts like some of us. These boutiques offer the chance to discover emerging brands the old-fashioned way: by perusing a sales floor rather than browsing pages of online inventory.

Though a trip to Oxford Street can be rather stressful, visiting smaller boutiques—with curated interiors, caring staff, room to breathe and sometimes a cappuccino—can be a refreshing change to the "next-day delivery" lifestyle we've grown accustomed to. So, with that being said, get outside and go visit these lovely new boutiques for a change.

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